An experimental method for the hardness of a bearing roller.

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Detection method of surface appearance quality of 1.

The surface appearance quality of the seven type bearing roller is generally checked by visual inspection under the astigmatic light. Although JB / T 8921 -- 1999 "inspection rules for rolling bearings and their commercial parts" stipulates that the appearance and surface defects should be sampled and tested, but in order to ensure the quality, the quality inspection department of the production plant usually adopts full inspection. Sampling inspection is used when the user is accepted.

2. hardness test method

The hardness test of the seven type bearing roller should be carried out according to the method stipulated in the JB / T '7361 1 1994 "rolling FAG bearing part hardness test method". When carrying out the hardness test of seven kinds of tapered roller bearings, we should use the hardness tester and standard parts regularly calibrating by the National Metrology Department, and provide the seven kinds of hardness test rig for bearing roller.

3. crack inspection method

The cracks of seven kinds of bearing rollers are inspected according to the regulations of acid cleaning inspection procedure in Appendix C of appendix C JB -2001 T high carbon chromium bearing steel rolling bearing parts.

Measurement of 4. residual magnetic field

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