What are the main types of bearings produced by the bearing roller manufacturers?

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The rollers of 1. cylindrical rollers are mainly used in bearing rollers and can be used directly in machinery. This type of roller has been standardized in size and can be used as a commodity roller for design and user selection.

2., long cylindrical roller, this kind of roller is divided into two parts: axle diameter and non axle diameter, mainly used for long cylindrical bearing roller factory, and roller assembly is directly used in machinery.

3. roller needle roller bearings are mainly used for needle roller bearings, universal joint roller bearings and thrust roller bearings, and the needle roller components can be used directly in the machine. This type of roller has been serialized in size for design choice. According to the needs of the bearing structure, the head shape of the needle roller has conical head shape, flat head shape, round head and so on.

4. conical rollers are circular tapes with cone angles of 1 degrees, 4, 20 ', or less than 1 degrees or more than 4 degrees 20', and more than 2 degrees. The roller length is generally not more than two times the diameter of the roller end. Most of these rollers are used in bearing roller mills, and the rollers of the big cone angle are basically used for thrust tapered roller bearings.

Rolling is spherical shape of 5. spherical roller roller. The roller bearing has automatic heart control performance and can withstand a lot of load. The spherical roller is divided into asymmetric and symmetrical shape, and the general asymmetrical large end face is spherical, and the two ends of the symmetric form are flat ends. The symmetric spherical roller has good performance, but the asymmetric type is the elimination form. This type of roller for roller bearings and thrust roller bearings.

The 6. spiral roller is a hollow roller made from a steel strip of special section, which is divided into two kinds of left-handed and right-handed ones. This roller is not widely used, and is mainly used for the bearing roller factory under the impact load.

The 7. pillar hole roller pillar hole roller center with the hole, this hole is used to install the support, so fixed on the sheet support cage. The shape of this kind of roller is cylindrical, conical and spherical. It is mainly used for super large bearing.

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