A brief description of the use characteristics of seven types of bearing rollers

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The 1 and seven type bearing rollers have excellent rotation accuracy

The inner structure of seven kinds of bearing rollers is 90 degrees perpendicular to each other, and there are interval retainers or isolation blocks between rollers, which can prevent the friction between rollers and the rollers, and effectively prevent the increase of rotational torque. In addition, the phenomenon of roller contact or locking will not occur. At the same time, because the inner and outer ring is a segmented structure, the clearance can be adjusted, even if the preload is applied, high accuracy rotation motion can also be achieved.

2. Simplification of operation and installation

The outer ring or inner ring, which is divided into 2 parts, is fixed together after loading the seven types of bearing rollers and retainers, so the operation is very simple.

3. Bear large axial and radial load

Because the roller is perpendicular to each other on the V grooved rolling surface of 90 degrees, which is vertically arranged through the spacing retainers. This design enables the seven kinds of bearing rollers to bear the load of all directions, such as radial load, axial load and torque load.

4. Greatly save the installation space

The inner and outer ring size seven class roller bearings are small minimal, especially ultra-thin structure is small size close to the limit, and has high rigidity, so the most suitable for industrial robot joints or rotating parts, machining center of the rotary table, the robot rotating parts, precision rotary table, medical instruments, measuring instruments, IC manufacturing device widely used.

5. high speed ability

6. reducing shaft length and machining cost, thermal expansion leads to a limited change in geometric size.

7. the nylon separator is used, the moment of inertia is low, the starting torque is low, and the angle degree is easy to control.

8. optimization of pretightening force, large rigidity, high precision of guiding roller

9. carbon steel provides excellent impact resistance and surface abrasion resistance

10. simple but fully lubricated

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